BEACON –  Some say, “It takes a village.” In the case of the birth of The Beacon Hotel Restaurant, much of that village was composed of women, extremely determined, creatively talented and laser-focused ones.

Flashback to the fall of 2015: it all started with the friendship forged between Evey Trautman and Alla Kormilitsyna, both females with solid New York City ties in the restaurant business. Evey’s husband, Greg, was a restaurateur for two eateries in Brooklyn; meanwhile, Kormilitsyna, was an Upper West Side restoration specialist. When the Trautman’s relocated to and fell in love with the City of Beacon a few years ago, husband Greg had an immediate vision once he traversed the city’s charming, historic Main Street.

“My husband wanted to own a restaurant, and he saw this as a great addition to Beacon,” recollected Evey. “It was very important though that it not just be a restaurant, but a hotel as well.

”Enter Kormilitsyna. A former international banker, equipped with ten years of structure renovation experience, specializing in historic townhouses, Kormilitsyna, a construction manager, took one look at the 424 Main Street, 19th Century restored edifice, “Dibble House,” and immediately saw unlimited, untapped potential. The last building in the historic segment of Main Street that had not been renovated, it was ripe for the taking. Greg and Kormilitsyna decided to take that leap of faith, making the purchase together and becoming business partners. In November of 2015, the 7,000 square foot demolition process began; all was taken down, short of the outside facade portion. For Kormilitsyna, the “very large undertaking,” had to be meticulously carried out, something the woman in a predominantly male field, approached with her defining confidence, assertiveness, strength, and overall no-nonsense approach.

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