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Our Philosophy

The Beacon Hotel Restaurant is devoted to engagement with the cornucopia of culinary talent and artisanal fare cultivated within the Hudson Valley. We celebrate the vast diversity that our region affords us; artisan cheese, wine, beer and the finest meats and produce. The list is long and distinguished. While our methods come from European influences and techniques, we consider our establishment a Hudson Valley eatery. The bountiful and seasonal array of food purveyors support and sustain us. It allows us to bring our art to your table. At the heart of all of this real food should be a place, and we see our food as a portrait of this institution. The menu itself has been thoughtfully crafted to restore many traditional dishes reminiscent of culinary favorites during The Beacon Hotel’s prime years. You’ll spot many dishes incorporating often-overlooked meats and butcher cuts peppered throughout the menu, along with familiar Valley names like neighboring Beacon Bread Company, Chaseholm and Sprout Creek farms, and Old Chatham Sheepherding Company.

A Passion and Love for Food


Stefan Fraundorfer, known as “Chef Stef,” is a twice graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with over twenty years of culinary experience. He has run kitchens to private country clubs and caterers. His menu is skillfully composed dishes featuring seasonal, quality ingredients.

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The Interior Design

The interior of The Beacon Hotel Restaurant was designed by the Clodagh Design team. Clodagh has been a part-time Beacon resident for 14 years with her husband Daniel Aubrey and wanted to be part of this urban renewal project.

Clodagh Design

“When designing the restaurant and bar, we wanted to be all-inclusive, attending to the needs of every type of guest- from those who want a peaceful refuge, to others who prefer to be alone in the midst of a happening space, to digital nomads and creative groups who want to just hang out in a warm and lively atmosphere, to gather and chat, or families who want to celebrate a special occasion in a private room.” —Clodagh


The Beacon Hotel, previously the Dibble House and Mt. Beacon Hotel, is the oldest continuously operating hotel in Beacon. It has roots dating back to the 1870s, first purchased by local entrepreneur Warren S. Dibble, who built 75 single-occupancy rooms and a horse stable for guests. It once was a vision of opulence, hosting many of the century’s most renowned actors and entertaining the local elite. The hotel has changed owners through the last 140 years (rumor has it that it was won and lost during a poker game in the ‘60s), perhaps losing a touch of sparkle each time – until now (Zarah Kavarana, Hudson Valley Magazine, 25 Jan 2017).

In 2015, with the help and support of friends – both old and new, and the town of Beacon itself, Alla Kormilitsyna set about the renovation that would restore and improve the structure, interior, and façade of the Dibble House to its highest standard ever. It wasn’t until a serendipitous meeting with (now) General Manager Erica Colon that The Beacon Hotel began reclaiming its soul. The symbiosis of professionalism, experience, and diversity between Alla and Erica has infused The Beacon Hotel’s spirit with a contagious enthusiasm that continues to develop and envelop the staff and the patrons alike. Live music and laughter meet the redolence of craft dining as they joyously waft through the 140 year old space. As much as The Beacon Hotel is proud of its heritage, we are even more proud of being a cornerstone of historic Beacon’s revival. Won’t you join us?

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Special Deals

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Happy Hour

Monday, Thursdays & Friday
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Live Music

LIVE Music Every Friday
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