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Bebhakti Yoga Center is a vibrant studio where movement is a form of meditation. We are known for our fantastic teachers with decades of experience. In addition to our expansive schedule and private sessions, we offer a variety of unique workshops, events and kirtans every month as well as guest teachers from NYC. Learn how to safely connect to your body, open your heart and find freedom within.

beBhakti Yoga Center
89 Dewindt Street
Beacon, NY

From beBhatki Yoga

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti️come together with the sound of the universe, and may we all have peace and love surrounding us, always. This weekend🏻 • Today: 9:00 AM Bhakti Align & Flow / 11:00 AM Bhakti Basics w/ Julian Paak • 1:00 PM Mantra Meditation Workshop w/ Lauren Magarelli • Sunday: 9:00 AM Bhakti Flow w/ Lauren Magarelli • 11:00 AM Bhakti Basics w/ Jacob Friedman • 5:00 PM Bhakti $5 Community Class • see you on the mat🏻

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