The History of the Beacon Hotel

The oldest continuously operating hotel in Beacon, NY

The Beacon Hotel marks the latest chapter in a 140-year story of hospitality on Main Street. Local entrepreneur Warren S. Dibble, who built 75 single-occupancy rooms and a horse stable for guests, first purchased the hotel in 1875. Built in 1877, the two towers have defined the Main Street vista for generations of Beaconites and those drawn to the Hudson Valley. It once was a vision of opulence, hosting many of the century’s most renowned actors and entertaining the local elite, and is now the oldest continuously operating Hotel in Beacon. Originally dubbed Dibble House and sitting across from the Dibble Theater on Main Street, the hotel was already 24 years old when The Beacon Incline made its maiden trip in 1902. Through the roaring twenties Beacon was a top tourist attraction and over 1 million visitors every year. Passed from owner to owner, the hotel is rumored to have been won and lost in a poker game in the 1960’s.

Famed New York City-based interior design firm Clodagh Design was hired to capture the spirit of the Upstate town—an opportunity that the Principle & CEO of Clodagh immediately jumped at. “The wonderfully tight community and necklace of fabulous restaurants and music venues makes it a great place for a quiet night dining or an evening out on the town. Each establishment offers uniquely different experiences. I wanted to be a part of that, and contribute to the fabulous community, which is why we designed The Beacon Hotel and Restaurant.”

The Beacon Hotel Hudson Valley History
Hotel Beacon NY, Bottom Decorative Image

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